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Crescent Bronze Metallic Paints and Metallic Powders, A Story That Stands Out

At Crescent Bronze Powder Company, we've been supplying amazing metallic paints and metallic powders to architects, interior designers, faux finishers, OEMs and independent paint dealers since 1922.

Known industry wide as The Metallic Products Specialist, we're the leaders in premium quality metallic powders, metallic pigments and metallic paints. And our line of products has expanded to include pearlescent, fluorescent, even phosphorescent finishes.

The story of Crescent Bronze is the story of metallic paint in the United States. Founded in 1922, Crescent Bronze has been a leader in the industry, constantly innovating the art and science of metallic paint manufacturing. But its humble beginnings are a far cry from the dazzling array of colors, and single coat luster only available from Crescent Bronze.

In the early 1930s, Crescent Bronze published the company's first color card. The color card gave retailers and customers alike a chance to see the product’s luster first hand. In fact, the company’s name is derived from one of colors listed on that first card.

“We perfected the method of incorporating real metallic powder into the paint vehicles which allowed us to be the only metallic paint supplier that uses real metallic flake, giving the painters a superior single coat luster,” explains Mark Nonweiler, owner of Crescent Bronze. “Over eighty years later, we’re still using real metallic powder and still pushing to give painters a product that breaks new ground.”

Known for its single coat brilliance, Crescent Bronze offers a rainbow of colors with a luster that other paints just can’t match. Crescent Bronze has become a staple for OEMs, designers and architects seeking to bring a new level of creativity to their work.

“The luster of our metallic paint gets noticed,” explains Stephanie Gabel, owner of Chicago’s Roux Design and spokeswoman for Crescent Bronze. “It was true with the first samples in 1922, it’s true today with our palette of over 120 colors and it will be true tomorrow when you’re searching for that perfect luster to make your vision pop and set your work apart.” If you are not using Crescent Bronze you have not seen your best work. Define yourself with Crescent Bronze.


For more information on our Powders and Pigments and Chromatone® products, see our technical data sheets.

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