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Crescent Bronze Products

Powders & Chromatone Paints

Customers may order pigments/powders or water-based Chromatone metallic paints via the website shopping cart feature.

Surf the various powder categories - metallic, pearlescent, fluorescent, phosphorescent - to select from more than 100 color options!

Or, choose from 12 of our most popular color options when ordering our Chromatone paints, water-based acrylic latex coatings suitable for interior, decorative finishes.

If the powder you need is not listed on our website, or if you need an oil-based paint or a lacquer or an epoxy coating, please call our customer service toll free line at (800) 445-6810. We're happy to take your order via the phone.

Browse our color swatches using the Wide View or Compact View

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Phosphorescent #620


You currently have 0 items totaling $0.00 in your cart.

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For more information on our Powders and Pigments and Chromatone® products, see our technical data sheets.

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