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Application Guides

Standard Spray Application Guide

The standard spray application is outlined here and is based on Crescent Bronze water-based metallic paint systems.  When using a different paint system, such as Crescent Bronze medium oil, the general process remains the same with the exceptions of the recommended protective clear coats. 

Application Step 1.png
Scraping of Wallpaper
Application Step 2.png

Surface Prep:

Follow standard practices and procedures for properly preparing surfaces for the application of traditional water-based latex paint. All surfaces to be painted must be properly cleaned and prepped to be free of dust, dirt, oil, grease, and other contaminants before priming.

prep step 1.png


Choose a primer appropriate to the substrate that that will accept latex top coats.  Apply primer to substrate per manufacturer's recommendations.  Crescent Bronze has not tested the effectiveness of specific primers and does not endorse any specific primer.  Testing the primer and the top coat on a separate sample of the same substrate prior to use is recommended. 

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Metallic Coat:

Apply the metallic top coat using an HVLP or conventional cup gun with fluid and air supply from a pressure pot.  Apply two light coats rather than one heavy coat with a minimum of 15 minutes between coats. 

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Protective Clear.png

Protective Clear (Optional):

When paint is used in an exterior application, somewhere with high humidity, or a high contact area, a protective clear coat is required.  The protective clear coat tested and recommended by Crescent Bronze is Sherwin-Williams: Waterbased Acrolon-100 Polyurethane.  This product must be spray applied over the Metallic Coat per manufacturer's recommendation. 


For any non-waterbased exterior application, you must contact Crescent Bronze to determine compatibility. 

To Contact Technical Support, Please fill out the technical support form located here:

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